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  • Why get Pretzel Planet pretzels?
    Pretzel Planet pretzels contain a secret filling encased within the pretzel which makes them have a slight crisp on top, yet soft and airy in the middle. Taste flavours you can't get anywhere else!
  • How many flavours do you have?
    We have 10 amazing flavors! Four savory and six sweet flavors.
  • Is Pretzel Planet halal?
    Pretzel Planet is in midst of applying for halal certification. All products contain no alcohol, pork or gelatine.
  • Are the pretzels dairy and gluten free?
    No, all our pretzels are not dairy and gluten free.
  • How to reheat pretzels?
    We highly recommend eating it fresh when you purchase as we cannot guarantee the quality of it if it is left out for too long. However, you can always store in an air tight container at room temperature and consume it by the next day.
  • Are you guys hiring?
    Yes! You can apply to join us here . .
  • Can I order my pretzels online?
    Nope! Get your pretzels fresh at our store in Sengkang Grand Mall, or get them on GrabFood & Foodpanda.
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